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Water is the Best Water Sports In Thailand



Kite surfing is amongst the fastest growing water sports in Thailand

Written by

Gauri Pradhan

For a double dose of adrenaline and a chance to conquer your fears- all you daredevils and even those who secretly aspire to be one, Thailand is the place to be! There is nothing like trying out the thrilling water sports in Thailand and go bananas!! And for those who find the waters alluring but cannot get a toe in because they can’t swim, you don’t even need to know swimming! All of these water sports mentioned below will surely turn you into a water baby, even if you are not. From parasailing to wakeboarding, there is something for every level of expert!

12 Best Water Sports In Thailand

Thailand is the place to be if you want to try some amazing water activities. So, here is a list of the best water sports at Thailand.  Do not forget to mark your favorites. Take your pick.

  • Scuba Diving – Explore The Sea
  • Banana Boat – Fun Group Activity
  • Jet Skiing – Fast Water Sport
  • Wakeboarding – Glide On Water
  • Sailing – Slow And Relaxed
  • Kite Surfing – Feel The Pull
  • Windsurfing – Go With The Wind
  • Snorkeling – Enjoy In The Clear Water
  • Water Skiing – Test Your Grip
  • Kayaking – Go Solo
  • White Water Rafting – Cross The Rapids
  • Parasailing – Paragliding But On Water

1. Scuba Diving – Explore The Sea

Scuba Diving in Thailand_23rd oct

Image Source

Scuba diving in Thailand is a popular water sport. The country is a haven for divers with Scuba diving being one of the most popular water adventure sports in Pattaya. Enjoy your dive with those whale sharks, leopard sharks, and manta rays. Just dive into the crystal clear waters, swim around miles and miles of corals and be a part of the colourful underwater life.

Ideal time: The east coast offers year round diving while the more exciting west coast is perfect between December and April.
Ideal location:
East coast: Koh Tao – to learn scuba diving, Koh Samui
West coast: Phuket, Similan Islands, Surin Islands, Hin Daeng, Hin Muang
Swimming: Not Required
Approximate cost: A day trip with two dives starts from 3000 Baht, varying as per the site and number of dives (Equipment included)
Tip: Are you a real diving enthusiast? There are liveaboard-cruises which lasts for anywhere between 4 days to 2 weeks.

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2. Banana Boat – Fun Group Activity

Banana boat rides is one of the easiest water sports in Thailand

Image Source

Not all of us want to indulge in extreme sports all the time. For those of you who would like a little fun and frolic in Thailand waters, banana boats are for you! One of the best water sports in Phuket is banana boating. Its a great option for families who want to have some excitement in the water together.

Ideal time: September to April
Ideal location: Almost everywhere but popular at Phuket and Pattaya
Swimming: Not Required
Approximate cost: 700 Baht for a group of six for half an hour fun ride on a banana boat

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3. Jet Skiing – A Fast Water Sport

Jet Skiing is amongst the most thrilling water sports in Pattaya

Image Source

For some thrilling adventure, all you need is Jet skiing! And no, you don’t need to know swimming, just how to ride a bike. And for you solo adventurers, jet skiing across the vast sea is simply exhilarating. It is amongst the most famous water sports in Pattaya, with Pattaya being the best place for water sports in Thailand!

Ideal time: September – April
Ideal location: Available almost everywhere especially at Pattaya and Phuket.
Swimming: Not Required
Approximate cost: 700 Baht for a jet ski for 30 minutes.

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4. Wakeboarding – Glide On Water

Wake-boarding is a fast growing water sport in Phuket

Image Source

Wake-boarding is one of the fastest growing water sports in Bangkok. Grab onto that cable behind a speedboat, mount on a board and zoom behind in the wake of the boat. Beginner’s camps abound in Thailand, and there is plenty for professionals too. If you are in near Bangkok and are unable to find a suitable place for Bangkok water sports, then head to Thai Wake Park near the city.

Ideal time: Available all the year round
Ideal location: Thai Wake Park near Bangkok
Lake Taco, for learners
Wake up wake-boarding in Koh Phangan
Swimming: Not Required
Approximate cost: Wake-boarding can be done at a cost as low as 300 Baht for two hours

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5. Sailing – Slow And Relaxed

Experience Sailing in Thailand

Image Source

This is one of those water activities in Thailand that is a call to the explorer in you. Imagine yourself at the helm of this wonderful yacht, sailing out toward the horizon, exploring the ocean as you go along. Thailand offers you many such opportunities. You could opt for a sailing course or just a day trip. It’s a great experience for beginners too, who are keen to learn the ABC of sailing. And yes, swimming not a prerequisite here again.

Ideal time: Sailing takes place all year round
Ideal location: Phang Nga Bay, Koh Phi Phi, Similan Islands (Nov to Apr)
Swimming: Not Required
Approximate cost: A day sailing in a HITIA 24 for two starts at 2520 Baht. A bigger yacht can cost you upto 13000 Baht off season to 19000 Baht in season (Nov-Apr).

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6. Kite Surfing – Feel The Pull

Kite surfing is amongst the fastest growing water sports in Thailand

Image Source

A sucker for extreme sports? Kite-boarding it is for you! This sport is making its way from the west and becoming an increasingly popular water sport in Thailand. Just one step ahead of wake-boarding, the controlled kite just zips you around on the waves. What’s more? If you want to learn kite-surfing, it can be done in as less as three days in any of the numerous kite-boarding schools here.

Ideal time: November to April
Ideal location: Phuket, Koh Samui, Hua Hin beach
Swimming: Not Required
Approximate Cost: One hour kitesurfing pegged at 1100 Baht

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7. Windsurfing – Go With The Wind

Windsurfing is one of the best waters sports in Thailand

Image Source

Can’t make up your mind whether to surf or sail? Well, windsurfing is the answer. Thailand is the most popular destination for this sport in Asia and you can indulge in one of the best water sports at Patong beach. The conditions-wind, waves, picturesque locales- are just about perfect. If your friends know how to windsurf and you don’t, rest assured, you can get going on the board in a couple of hours.

Ideal time: November to April and July/August in Pattaya
Ideal location: Phuket and Pattaya
Swimming: Basic level
Approximate cost: Learn windsurfing in a day at 4000 Baht

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8. Snorkeling – Enjoy In The Clear Water

Snorkeling in Thailand_24th oct

Image Source

Want to witness the amazing colorful underwater life dazzle around you? Snorkeling in Thailand is the best of its kind. The crystal clear water, beautifully formed corals, and a myriad of fish species can be so enticing that you wouldn’t ever want to surface again!! Practically both the coasts of Thailand are great for snorkeling. Rainy season can make the water a little murky and choppy, but hey, it’s off-season and easy on the pocket.

Ideal time: November to April
Ideal location: Similan and Surin Islands on the west, Koh Tao, Koh Samui and Koh Pha-Ngnan in the east
Swimming: Basic Level
Approximate cost: A weekday 3 stop snorkeling in Thailand can be done in 2600 Baht

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9. Water Skiing – Test Your Grip

A kid water skiing in Thailand

Image Source

Hang on to that rope behind the speedboat and water ski to your heart’s content. One of the best adventure sports in Phuket, you could try it in the sea or maybe at one of Thailand’s water-ski parks: your choice. The equipment and the boats are all there ready for you.

Ideal time: November to April
Ideal location: Phuket
Swimming: Basic level
Approximate cost: A half hour water skiing experience at a wake park starts at 500 Baht

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10. Kayaking – Go Solo

Kayaking is amongst the most popular water sport activities in Phuket and Krabi.

Image Source

Kayaking can be the most thrilling way to get a peek at Thailand’s natural beauty in all its splendor and indulge in one of the best adventure sports in Thailand. Age no bar, this water sport is for the young and the old alike. You could have a guide paddle or paddle your own kayak. It’s not only the sea, now you get to experience the diverse countryside, verdant jungles, limestone cliffs, breathtaking lagoons, intricate sea caves, and mangrove swamps. There are plenty of kayak operators to choose from.

Ideal time: All the year round, best season being November to April
Ideal location: Koh Panek and James Bond Island in Nga Bay between Phuket and Krabi
Swimming: If you’re kayaking on your own, yes. If with an instructor, basic level swimming would suffice.
Approximate cost: Half day kayaking in Krabi area starts at 800 Baht for adult and 600 Baht for child.

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11. White Water Rafting – Cross The Rapids

White water rafting is one of the best water sports in Thailand

Image Source

Explore Thailand in a whole new way by indulging in top water sports via its rivers in the north. Embark on rubber rafts and ride the rapids past majestic waterfalls and towering canyons through the jungles. An adventure beyond compare, rafting is undoubtedly one of the best water sports in Thailand.

Ideal time: July to February
Ideal location: Chiang Mai in the Mae Taeng River
Swimming: Not Required
Approximate cost: Rafting in the Mae Taeng River for a day starts at 1200 baht

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12. Parasailing – Paragliding But On Water


Image Source
One of the extremely popular water activities in Thailand, Parasailing is an activity that makes the pulse race and heat pump. A must-try for all the adventure junkies out there, parasailing is just a water version of paragliding. Enjoy the stunning views from up high in the sky as you scud across it, plunging into the sea and wrenching up in the air alternatively. The best part about trying out this sport in Pattaya is that it is not even expensive!

Ideal time: November to April
Ideal location: Pattaya
Swimming: Not required
Approximate cost: Around 600 Baht for a couple of hours

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Excited already to take the refreshing plunge into the water and try out those extremely adventurous and fun water sports in Thailand? Now that you know the best island in Thailand for water sports, plan a trip to Thailand now and indulge in some of the most amazing water activities here!

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Sports In Thailand

Which water sports in Thailand are suitable for the month of September?

Jet Skiing and Banana Boating are the two most prominent water sports in Thailand during the month of September.

Which is the cheapest water sport in Thailand?

Wake-boarding is the cheapest water sport in Thailand, by water skiing, kayaking, banana boating, and jet skiing.

What is the best time to visit Thailand for water sports?

The best time to visit Thailand for water sports tours in Thailand is from November to April.

What are the essential items one must pack while traveling to Thailand?

Flip-flops, slip-on shoes, water bottles, bug spray, sunscreen, rain jacket, swimsuits, floaters, etc. are necessary.

Which all water sports are must to do in Thailand?

Kite surfing, snorkeling, flyboarding, scuba diving, coral island tour, open water diving, stand up paddling, river rafting, and other water-based sports are definitely worth trying.

How much is jetskiing in Thailand?

A 30-minute session of Jet Skiing in Thailand will cost between INR 2000 to INR 4000.

Is Thailand good for scuba diving?

Yes, Thailand offers some of the best Scuba Diving experiences and is popular worldwide for the same. It has various island locations with rich marine life surrounding it.

Where can we experience the best diving in Thailand?

Some of the best diving spots in Thailand include: 1. Phi Phi Islands 2. Phuket 3. Koh Lanta’s Hin Daeng and Hin Muang

How much does scuba diving cost in Thailand?

The diving activity in Thailand is often combined with a day trip of the islands that have popular diving spots. The cost of a diving day trip ranges between INR 5,000 to INR 10,000. You can also hire diving equipment at a cost of about INR 1,000.

Is scuba diving safe in Thailand?

Yes, scuba diving is safe in Thailand as the divers are given proper instructions and gear before diving. Also, proper safety measures are to eliminate any possible risks.

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