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Open Air Theater Projection Movie Screen Inflatable Outdoor for Drive-in Cinema


Open Air Theater Projection Movie Screen Inflatable Outdoor For Drive-in Cinema

Bring back the days of drive-in movies by renting one of our Inflatable Movie Screens. Our giant size movie screens are guaranteed to impress your guests at any party or event. Rent an Inflatable Movie Screen and enjoy an Outdoor Movie, Video Game Party, Family Night.



Asia Inflatable


As pictures or customized


Can be customized




PVC Tarpaulin or Oxford


Fire-Proof; Serurity-Guarantee; Durable


Double-triple stitch everywhere plus extra reinforcements by PVC stripes



Inflatable time

3 minutes- 10minutes

Payment Terms

T/T ot Western Union, Paypal etc.


PVC tarpaulin packing bag for product and carton for blower


CE approved blower,patch kits,instructions

Delivery time

7-10 working days (according to your order qty)

Shipping method

By sea or by air or by Express

Usage range

Party, water park, zoo, in public, rentals, backyard, etc.

Materials and Colors:

PVC tarpaulin materials: Weather-resistant, waterproof.

Color: We can make full color digital printing and the pantone colors is available.

Production process:

Product Details:

Products on display: We can do different shape, size, color and printing, welcome custom design

The customers using photos:

How to choose the proper size movie screen ?

You can choose the size according to the audiences quantity!!

Packaging and shipping:


1) What is the lifespan of the screen structure and the screen surface with normal use?

Very much like a car, lifespans depend on the owner.  There plenty of with 8 and 9 years on the frames. Screen surfaces are usually replaced when organic dirt makes them unattractive… when you take bright light and shine it at night on a white surface, you attract moths and other creatures.  Eventually you will need to replace the screen.  In doing financials, plan on a five year service life on the frame and three year life on the surface.

2) Does it have to be dark to see a picture?

Yes! Outdoor movie projection is similar to the technology you see in a movie theater.  The difference is that instead of turning out the lights, the sun goes down.  Calculate what time you can start your movie by using this h

3) What is the ease of setup/teardown and operation of this system?

Quite easy.  With practice, a setup using a 24′ screen should take about 45 minutes, and the teardown slightly less.

4) How much dropoff is there using rear projection versus front projection?

The benefits and aesthetics of front versus rear projection go beyond light loss. Loss is about 10%. Again your application requirements are the important issue. Both front and rear have benefits and drawbacks. Many customers buy both surfaces from us for different uses.

5) What is used to clean the projection surface and the screen structure itself?

Soap and water or, for more stubborn stains, Fantastik.


Customers photos:

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Any interests or questions about our inflatable helium balloon, please feel free to contact us!

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