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Safety tips for using water inflatables


Safety tips for using water inflatables

Water inflatables, such as slides and water trampolines, have increased in popularity over the years. While fun, these toys increase risk for injury, or even drowning.

Inflatable water toys require continued maintenance to ensure suitable water depth and proper anchoring. It's important for businesses like campgrounds and resorts who provide these attractions as part of their experience, to keep water safety top-of-mind and follow the necessary precautions to ensure a safe experience for their guests.

Keep the fun going and your guests safe by following these best practices for safely using water inflatables.

Read the owner’s manual

Read the manual, and then read it again. While this seems like an obvious step, the assembly manual provides instructions for intended use to ensure maximum safety while using it.

The manufacturer guidelines are often printed on the structure, which provides an easy checklist to review before each use.

Post and enforce the rules

The manual for each inflatable water toy outlines restrictions for weight, age, and user limits. Make sure you have these guidelines on display with any additional safety rules users should follow.

Collisions occurring due to multiple people using one inflatable at a time is one of the leading causes of injury with inflatable water toys. Imposing a one-at-a-time rule can help decrease any chances of collision.

Ensure the rules are being by having proper supervision and enforcement at all times.

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